[Internship] Frontend development for a data engineering platform

Frontend development for a data engineering platform – Lyon, France

Headquartered in Lyon, France, Ryax Technologies is an early stage startup providing software that enables companies to industrialize their data science. The process of data science industrialization needs strong data engineering foundations. Complex tasks such as data analytics pipelines automations, hybrid infrastructure management, workflow scheduling, distributed systems configuration and operation, virtualized and containerized environment deployment, batch and stream processing workload orchestration, infrastructure and application monitoring along with optimizations of Big Data and AI frameworks are some of the data engineers’ responsibilities.

Our software platform, Ryax, implements the necessary data engineering plumbing by abstracting the underlying infrastructure and systems complexity to provide a platform with a simple to use interface for data scientists. It enables them to deploy their data analytics pipelines by focusing only on their expertise which is how to retrieve more business value from their data.

Our mission is to combine sophisticated data engineering, hidden below an interface to automate data science workflow tasks, with a great user interface and experience. Our frontend is an incredibly important part of our product. It makes the workflow automations, services integrations and infrastructure monitoring easily accessible to data scientists.

This internship will help to design and implement new features that allow users to visualize and interact with their data workflows. It will be focused on advancing the development of the frontend while taking into account various functional and non-functional requirements along with current state-of-the art and client inputs. The intern will collaborate closely with the Ryax development and marketing teams to consider the different viewpoints and adjust implementations accordingly.

The intern will work on the state of the art of web interface and frontend, she or he will develop in Angular and will make use of libraries and tools such as, etc. After the developments, the intern will perform experiments using specific testbed to validate the implementations, provide performance analysis and describe possible paths for optimizations.

The intern should ideally have a web development background and must be confident in Angular 7 and Typescript, as well as other languages such as Pug and Sass.

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Send your resume in French or in English to Yiannis (talents@ryax.tech)

Duration – Compensation: 6 months – 577 Euros/month