CDN: the benefits of the Content Delivery Network

The Content Delivery Network has many advantages. It is a network made up of servers connected to the Internet. Thanks to the CDN, it is possible to access large amounts of content more easily. Here are the main advantages of the Content Delivery Network.


What is Content Delivery Network?

CDN is made up of several locations on the planet that allow it to redistribute content locally from your servers. Files that do not need to be updated are cached. The contents are therefore copied to the servers. Content is delivered faster when you request it. Speed of access is a major advantage of Content Delivery Network.

CDN leverages advances in technology to help you optimize the use of your global sites.

CDN: the many benefits

CDN is necessary to reach users around the world. Whether downloading files or setting up sites internationally, Content Delivery Network ensures that you benefit from high speed and reliable service. Page load times are shortened, an important asset in an era where time management is a major challenge.

Speed of loading is a key element in the use of CDN. Loading is accelerated without the need, most of the time, to change the hosting or the code. It is between your hosting and users around the world. Not using your hosting is what accelerates the service.

Of course, this speed and fluidity greatly improves the user experience. Whether the user is on a computer, a mobile device, or a tablet, he will enjoy the same quality of reception and will be encouraged to continue his experience without having to be patient.

Content Delivery Network can accommodate all types of content. It is possible to upload videos and photos as well as music. In fact, whatever the media element, it can be received on the CDN. The context is ideal for the use of files to be broadcast over the Internet. It is possible to broadcast content of any kind in a fluid manner.

The security of a CDN

CDN not only allows you to download files in a fast way, but it is also very efficient from a security point of view. User comfort is greatly facilitated by the efficiency and reliability of the network. It also improves the referencing of websites, which is often essential for the long-term survival of the site. Regardless of the target country, a company using CDN saves money by reducing bandwidth costs.

The referencing of sites is improved when the loading time is fast. The position of your sites is improved in most rankings. In addition, the address used by the CDN is not localized, which makes it compatible with international use. You can therefore be detected anywhere on the planet, which ensures you get a superior ranking. A search engine located in another country may see your site in first place.


Faster international content

The value of distributing content around the world is well established, whatever the type of business or service. In addition, caching and other features help reduce the amount of information that each server is required to provide. This way, site owners reduce hosting costs. It is no longer necessary to have servers spread over several points around the world.

CDN also has the added benefit of increasing content availability. Redundancy is also optimized. Thus, when the web site breaks down or when traffic is very high, CDN makes it possible to maintain and optimize access to the site despite the problems that may occur.

Another important asset of the content distribution network is that it is very efficient in terms of security. CDN quickly blocks attacks launched against a website. It also blocks the IP address of hackers. In this way, service interruptions are limited, and the site continues to function normally despite attacks. The design of the network itself is a guarantee of user security.

Today's hosting is constantly threatened by DDoS attacks, known as denial of service attacks. This is an increasingly common way to make an application unavailable by bombarding it with requests. The risks of slowdown and loss of service are very high. The nature of CDN allows to counter this type of problem.

The network takes care of resolving this type of inconvenience by treating each problem according to its origin, thus avoiding server saturation and avoiding service interruptions. Hosting servers are never affected and can therefore continue to operate normally.

A very simple operation

The Content Delivery Network operates on a very simple basis. DNS servers are queried, and the network redirects each query to the servers closest to the user. The one with the shortest response time is implemented. When the lifetime of a file expires, the CDN empties the cache. It fills it up again when a visitor calls the file. Most web traffic is currently served by CDNs.

When the visitor comes back, he has faster access to the site. From the nearest CDN point, content is distributed directly from the cache. There is no longer the need to go through hosting to access the site, which speeds up the process. It is possible to determine the lifetime of the files yourself. When the time expires, the network requests the files back from the hosting.

The Content Delivery Network includes two types of servers:

  • The origin servers.
  • Peripheral servers.

The origin servers introduce elements into the CDN while the edge servers are those that are located at various geographical points in order to replicate the contents of the origin servers. New features are constantly being created, improving the efficiency of the network.

The CDN therefore saves time, since without it, each request has to travel a much longer route, especially when it comes to accessing a country on the other side of the world. The latency time is reduced greatly with this network and your servers gain in efficiency and reliability.

Indeed, users hate slow loading times. CDN is the best way to retain users whose patience should not be tested. It has been shown that many users leave the site on the first page when the response time is too long. It should be remembered that one of the criteria used by Google to rank sites is loading time.

It is recommended that specialists such as Ryax be consulted to properly manage and optimize the CDN, particularly in terms of performance monitoring and security.

The Ryax Team.