Data storage: what are we talking about?

When we talk about data storage, we are talking about the methods and technologies that allow digital data to be stored and stored. Several types of media are involved in this type of storage. It is important for companies to choose the right storage solution. Find out in this article what data storage is all about.



What is data storage

Data storage is the set of methods and technologies by which digital data is stored and stored. Several types of media are used to store data, including floppy disks, flash media, and hard drives. Data storage is used by businesses and individuals alike. As connected objects and Big Data are in full development, this is an important issue.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are now required to collect, store, and analyze data. Thanks to real-time database analysis, high-density scalable systems have been created, such as object storage platforms or converged infrastructures.


According to the latest assessments, by 2025, the volume of data generated on the planet will have increased fivefold. It is therefore essential to find the best way to store data and make it usable in the most practical way. Existing media must be well used, but it is clear that new media will soon have to be invented.


In the future, we are talking about data stored in powder form and even synthetic DNA. Cutting-edge research is being conducted to anticipate the management of vast amounts of data that will continue to accumulate. 

Units of measurement

Data storage is based primarily on writing and recording digital information on a target medium. This writing involves the use of software commands. The bit is the smallest unit of measurement in this area. It has a binary value of 0 or 1. A byte consists of 8 bits.


The other units of measurement are kilobit, megabit, gigabit, terabit, petabit and exabit, the latter being the largest unit of measurement.

Storage media

The storage media are many and varied. They have different speeds and capacities. The best known are hard disk and SSD (solid-state storage) as well as CV and DVD. Flash memory cards should also be mentioned. They are present on mobile devices and in digital cameras, among others. This technology is also part of the functioning of USB keys.


NAS systems are also used to store data. The NAS server is considered a very good replacement for Cloud Computing. This type of system allows to collect and manage a very large amount of data. The NAS allows to group together various servers as well as an OS which is entirely dedicated to storage and analysis. The system makes it possible to add several hard disks.

The ease of access

NAS storage makes it easier to access data. A lightweight operating system is installed on a server, which can be a NAS server or a NAS enclosure. The latter is an important part of intranet networks. The NAS software runs in a lightweight operating system that is integrated with the hardware. The system is appreciated because it is very complete. The data is retrieved from a centralized source.

One of the advantages of the NAS is that it is highly accessible. Any device can connect to it simply by using the internet. Its flexibility is also an important asset. There is no need to replace the server to increase storage capacity. Just add hard disks. Its performances are also very interesting in the era of Big Data. Its simple configuration is also a great advantage.

So, the NAS is well suited for an era where data management needs to be made easier. It has several features of physical storage and data storage in the Cloud.

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Online storage

Online storage is another important medium at a time of increasing data volumes. It is now possible for companies to install hard disks and SSDs in a data center that stores all files. It also receives all applications. This technology allows companies to offer services that make access to information faster.

Cloud storage is a way to store data and organize it from the Internet. Authorization is required to access this data. It is not necessary to connect to an internal network. Access to data is not from hardware directly connected to a personal or corporate computer. Storage can take place in both the public and private domain.

Cloud storage is the most popular storage system today because of the security it offers. The Cloud also makes it possible to reduce expenses considerably. It does not imply any expenses for the installation nor the maintenance of equipment. Another advantage of the Cloud is that data is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Software storage

As for software storage, it consists in the use of abstraction management software that separates data from hardware. This data is then reformatted and organized for use on a network. This type of storage is mainly used for workloads related to unstructured data. It offers evolutionary possibilities that go beyond the possibilities of hardware solutions.

Since the storage software is decoupled from the hardware, it is possible to increase storage capacity as needed. The hardware can be upgraded at any time. Any standard server can be used for software storage. It is a very economical solution.

Object mode storage is also available. It breaks down data into different units. They are associated with metadata. The data is not compressed and remains accessible on a large scale. Moving workloads is facilitated. Metadata in object mode is very detailed.

Storage in file mode is another widely used method. It organizes data into hierarchical files. It is possible to open the files and browse them from top to bottom. The user can request a file using a unique identifier. This is the most readable storage format.

Block mode storage is designed to divide a single storage volume into multiple blocks. Each block works independently of the others. The configuration autonomy is therefore total. Blocks do not have unique identifiers. It is a very fast system that adapts well to databases. Small items are kept in the most relevant location.

The storage media must be able to keep more and more data. This is why it is necessary, especially for companies, to adopt a system that exposes them as little as possible to hardware failures, disasters and hacking.

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