DataViz: added value for a Big Data project?

Dataviz is definitely an added value for a Big Data project. A simplified analysis can be obtained that allows any audience to understand the data through, among other things, Storytelling. The tool is accessible and can be handled at all levels of the company.


A simplified analysis

Dataviz, or Data Visualization, can be considered an added value for a Big Data project because it simplifies the analysis and visualization of encrypted data. It illustrates these in different forms, such as maps, graphs or infographics. With the ever-exponential amount of data to deal with a Big Data project, it becomes essential to quickly get an overview to optimize your productions.

It is necessary to have tools that are better and better adapted to a Big Data project, whether data is structured or not in the first place. Data sources are becoming more varied and need to be collected, analyzed and processed as quickly as possible. Technology is evolving at high speed. More and more companies are developing big data projects, which means an ever-increasing amount of data.

Faster decision-making

With Dataviz, you can make quick decisions based on reliable data. It has been proven that the brain records more easily visual data. And the colorful illustrations attract even more attention and make you want to look at them. Users confirm that it is much more convenient to analyze and process data from Dataviz rather than Excel.

Dataviz keeps essential information and becomes easier to use, even though the number of connected objects means that the volume of data is growing. Therefore, you don't have to be a specialist to make the right decisions. The visualization is more ergonomic than that offered in a painting where it is often difficult to navigate.

Get the full picture

With Dataviz, all important data can be grouped on a screen where the graphics appear instead of being scattered. Trends that you might have missed can be better spotted visually. Data can be manipulated in real time. Despite the simplicity of use, the groupings are made by considering all the important aspects.

It is one of the tricks of Dataviz to succeed in collecting several data to make reading clear and coherent. It manages to make a diagram where a large number of graphs would have been needed in the past. In a single visualization, you can link multiple data.


Interactive data

Dataviz is a tool based on the interactivity between the user and the data displayed. It offers filters that allow you to fine-tune your searches. It is possible to look over the different data and get more information about the ones that interest you more.

You have both a global vision and a filtered level, which draws your attention to a particular fact. If necessary, you can get more detailed information about each of the items on the screen. So you have a custom tool that meets specific goals. You get information that is made clear and simplified, which is a great asset for any presentation.

A communication tool

While many systems require the intervention of a team of experts, Dataviz is within the reach of all members of a company, which greatly improves communication in addition to decision-making. It is also a great way to ensure communication between the company and the customer. Customers can be targeted more accurately as all important data is clearly presented.

Dataviz provides an illustrated annual report that will be much simpler to analyze and will make it possible to make its industry and objectives well known to potential customers and to the public. For Big Data projects, it is always necessary to use a Data Scientist and a graphic designer. But smaller projects can be done without these stakeholders, which is an interesting saving.

Accessible to all

There are tools that allow you to organize a presentation without requiring a lot of technical knowledge. Several visual representations can be made to present data from an Excel folder, for example. There are accessible services that offer predefined models that you can customize to suit your specific objectives.

If you cannot design a model from the tools available, you can always use the Dataviz catalog. You then have the opportunity to choose the type of representation you want to get and you can enjoy a demonstration as well as a list of tools to build the model you want to use. There are also paid solutions where you can find the type of help you need.



The Storytelling is a good example of the possibilities offered by Dataviz. The term refers to the way  a story is told. Since a story must be told to an audience, the practice is compatible with The Dataviz since it is a question of information to be collected and ordered. Even if the diagram remains the most spontaneously chosen form, the Storytelling can use video and even animation.

Many companies are inspired by the Storytelling during a presentation. Rather than taking stock of your accomplishments, you will be more likely to be more popular with a story that will be more importantly selected. This will give you an overview of your industry while maintaining attention. From your data, you can tell a story.

The usefulness of Dataviz and Storytelling

With Dataviz, you have the opportunity to explain transparently the evolution of your data relating specifically to your company. You can visually outline your evolutions over the past years. The message you want to convey becomes stronger and understandable through visualization.

Storytelling goes beyond what traditional Business Intelligence offered. Business Intelligence represents all the means used to collect, analyze and return data. It is the basis of decision-making. Business Intelligence makes data accessible to experts without going any further. However, it is necessary to use them for educational purposes.

The increasing volume of data, which has become faster and faster over the years, requires the use of tools adapted to the reality of new technologies. Access to data must be made easier for all and cannot remain in the hands of experts alone. Stakeholders at all levels need to interact with the data stream. This is why visualization is essential in this context.

In conclusion, Storytelling is a way of organizing raw data in a way that makes it captivating and meaningful. Graphics and interactive stories are essential to communication. The complexity of Business Intelligence disappears and data becomes understandable to all. Many companies are now experiencing this. No matter how many bytes are stored, the whole thing is made intelligible.

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The Ryax Team.