Ryax Store integrations

The industry-specific compatibility you need.

Business apps integrations

From 4.0 industry’s predictive maintenance to AI-powered connected vehicle fleets, to Data Marketing-applications for brokering services…

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Ryax connects your company-specific ERP
Ryax connects your digital workplace
Ryax integrates your business intelligence apps
Ryax connects your sales-driving tools
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Frameworks & models integrations

You can test and deploy advanced models in a few clicks.

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From live stream processing...
Ready-to-use streaming bricks
...to data cleansing
Ryax integrates native data-wrangling functions
...to voice & image recognition
...to AI-powered models
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Data visualisation

Many DataViz alternatives to display your data science outputs.

Cloud providers

Ryax can deploy and push/pull on any cloud provider.

Data bases & Data lakes

Ryax works seamlessly across heterogeneous dynamic data storage systems.

IoT platforms & protocols

Ryax is equipped with built-in integrations for IoT

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Connect to your IoT platform
Connect your IoT devices with Ryax
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Languages compatibility

Ryax features a built-in multi-language SDK, built for Data Scientists.

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