Ryax Technologies builds software to enable the seamless execution of Big Data and IoT applications upon Hybrid computing infrastructures, distributed across Edge, Fog and Cloud environments. The core software named Ryax is a new generation resource manager focusing on the following four key aspects:

Support of Hybrid Infrastructures

Resource Management on heterogeneous networks of edge devices, private servers, mini data-centers, public gateways, clouds.

High Performance

 Low overhead, smart allocation decisions, and data flow dynamic optimizations.

Ease of use

Seamless deployment and execution of -container, VM and bare metal- based applications. SDK that supports multiple programming languages.

Security and Privacy Management

 Integrated security and data privacy control with data tracking and usage limitation.


Use Cases

Ryax is designed to answer to the emerging challenges of Internet-of-Things and Big Data environments. Ryax can provide an adapted solution for use cases that involve distributed compute infrastructures and complex applications. Since it can optimally manage Hybrid infrastructures such as the Edge it provides the ideal middleware for use cases that need low latency responsiveness, low overhead management, operational efficiency, cost reduction and off-line mode availability.

Industrial Internet

Industrial Internet is probably the most adapted use case to fully take advantage of Edge computing and Hybrid infrastructures. Manufacturing, transportation, mining, alternative energies are some of the areas that can greatly benefit from local data processing. However, scalability, multi-site management, reactivity, data privacy and remote off-line mode are some of the challenges that Industry 4.0 is facing. Ryax addresses those challenges thanks to intelligent and low overhead resource management.

IoT and Smart City

Internet-of-Things and Smart City will have data generated from all sort of devices to be deployed upon shared compute infrastructures in order to enable new intelligent applications to unlock their value. Security, data privacy, scalability, multi-user, SLA and billing support are some of the challenges that need to be addressed. Ryax deals with them and abstracts the underlying infrastructure to let the application developers focus on their core competencies.


Streaming is the base technology for use cases such as online movies-on-demand, video gaming along with emerging virtual and augmented reality. For optimal user experience there are increasing demands in big data processing and extreme low-latency responsiveness. However, problems such as locality and content-aware resource allocation, scalability, multi-user and billing support have to be resolved. Ryax efficiently orchestrates complex workloads and multi-user applications upon geographically distributed infrastructures.



Combinations of Multi-Clouds, Hybrid-Clouds and Edge platforms can provide optimizations in high availability, performance and data privacy but hide various challenges. To get the most out of these complex and heterogeneous infrastructures, your company may need guidance and consulting from experts so as to:

  • Understand the real benefits for your business
  • Comprehend the steps for migration depending on your workloads
  • Define a specific solution that fits your IT needs and strategy

Ryax Technologies can enable your company for a smooth migration to the most adapted compute environment and propose a complete solution to bring your business to the Hybrid Infrastructures era.


Are Hybrid Infrastructures and Edge Computing made for you? We can perform an analysis of your current compute environment considering your IT workloads and help you in determining if and in which ways these platforms will optimize your usage.


Kubernetes, Stream Computing, Complex Event Processing, Serverless, Containerisation are required technologies to take the most out of hybrid edge Computing. We offer training on different technologies to help you make the right choice for your future IT strategy.


A particular need, a specific development related to distributed computing, the Ryax team is here for you.

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The efficient orchestration of compute workloads executed upon hybrid and complex infrastructures requires the latest innovations from different areas of computer science including distributed computing, large-scale system design, batch and stream processing, security and privacy, software defined networking and machine learning. Ryax Technologies embraces this scientific knowledge which is backed by a team with more than a decade of R&D experience upon High Performance Computing environments. The team is composed of software engineers and researchers with 7+ years of experience in production level state-of-the-art resource management software.

The name Ryax originates from the ancient Greek word ῥύαξ meaning stream.