What RYAX can do for your business

Explore how RYAX can facilitate your backend and data workflows

  • Finance

    RYAX offers a solution to collect, extract data from structured/unstructured documents, and serve a frontend service thanks to its full API capabilities.

  • Machine Learning

    RYAX offers a lowcode platform that facilitates the deployment of machine learning and data workflows, from industrial automation to predictive maintenance.

  • HPC

    RYAX enables you to abstract HPC's complexity and harness supercomputing resources.
    Data ingestion, offloading computation on HPC, full observability

  • Power Management

    RYAX provides power and energy monitoring and adapted scheduling techniques for the edge-cloud continuum and Serverless based workflows

  • Lab Automation

    Thanks to its abilities to orchestrate complex data processing over distributed infrastructures, Ryax can seamlessly address lab automation projects, AI-powered nano-molecules research or drug discovery endeavours using machine learning.

  • Retail

    Ryax enables sales & marketing teams to match product with consumer in a few simple clicks. A recommendation tool can increase average spend per customer, foster greater customer loyalty and increase customer product knowledge.

  • Mobility

    Ryax addresses mobility challenges through its data engineering platform by enabling a seamless development, deployment and monitoring of workflows in hybrid edge-cloud computational environments.

  • Smart Agriculture

    Ryax is a software that can address algricultural issues with a platform allowing data scientists to create, deploy and manage data analytics workflows simply, by abstracting the complex data engineering plumbing.

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