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From Edge to Cloud.

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Seamless workflow execution. From Edge to Cloud.

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Meet Ryax

Up to 100% of your Data Engineering tasks. Taken care of.
Ryax is a software solution helping Data Teams to seamlessly exploit their data analytics with minimum IT skills, in reduced time. Ryax links all your analyses and data together, so that you can generate value with your data treatments. Fast.

Your Data Science in production.
Within days.

Ryax features a streamlined web UI and dozens of prebuilt functions so you can start running your value-generating data workflows within days, in your own ecosystem.

100% adapted to your field & specificities.

Ryax comprises an ever-growing set of advanced frameworks for all treatment types and industries. From AI to predictive maintenance, from Matlab to Python: Ryax will meet your skill set and your needs.

Monitored resources & expenses. Pay per use.

Ryax is designed so managers can track & predict their running costs. Ryax’ pay-per-use billing makes sure you will never pay more than you need to.

Ryax manages all your Data Engineering tasks, so your teams can focus on their Data Science.

Ryax solution

Built with performance and user-intuitiveness in mind, ready for multifaceted hybrid infrastructures, Ryax enables seamless data workflow execution. From Edge to Cloud.

Blasting performance

Seamless deployment and execution of -container, VM and bare metal- based applications. SDK that supports multiple programming languages.


Low overhead, smart allocation decisions, and data flow dynamic optimizations.

Ready for Hybrid infrastructures

Resource Management on heterogeneous networks of Edge devices, private servers, mini data-centers, public gateways, Clouds.

Top security

Integrated security and data privacy control with data tracking and usage limitation.

Ryax applied to your field


Ryax offers a data engineering platform that facilitates the creation and deployment of Industry 4.0 data analytics workflows, from industrial automation to predictive maintenance.


Ryax addresses mobility challenges through its data engineering platform by enabling a seamless development, deployment and monitoring of workflows in hybrid edge-cloud computational environments.


Ryax is a software that can address algricultural issues with a platform allowing data scientists to create, deploy and manage data analytics workflows simply, by abstracting the complex data engineering plumbing.

Ryax in action

Ryax scope

Ryax can deploy across all kinds of complex hybrid infrastructures (on-premise, Edge, Cloud…) altogether. Ryax takes care of all required Data Engineering tasks for you: connecting data sources and apps, automating data workflows, monitoring IT processes, alerting when necessary, and managing all development & maintenance-related tasks. With minimum involvement of your Data Teams.

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Data must be treated at the right place at the right time Andry RAZAFINJATOVO – CEO“Data engineering is key to get value from your data…

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