Backend Developers,

streamline the design, deployment, and monitoring of your APIs and automations

Ryax is backend developers' complete toolbox

All the necessary backend services you need to build web apps from 0 to PoC in record time, within a simple interface.

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    Free as in Free Speech

    Self-host it, or run it on your favorite cloud, Ryax is an MPL2 software, like Firefox. You are free to use it with your private code, on your private data. Nevetherless, we encourage you to share your modules and modifications with the whole comunity!

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    Workflows & automations

    Efficiently automate your backends in production with Ryax workflows: on-event triggering, auto deploy, CI/CD, resume-on-error, etc.

  • run

    Serverless Orchestration

    Fast and reliable deployment of any script, code or container into production through serverless technologies. Ryax fully abstracts the complexity of advanced features such as automatic scaling, capacity planning and maintenance.

  • data-prep

    API management

    Seamlessly interconnect your apps' backends with existing or new APIs, publish new endpoints, upgrade them, etc... everything from a single interface.

  • ryax-observe

    Observability & monitoring

    Full mastering of your workflows' deployments & executions. Instantly load, pause, stop, modify, version a workflow at any time. Workflows' states are always observable and actionnable, so you can always keep an eye on your processes.

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