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Industrialize your Data.

From Edge to Cloud.

Meet the Ryax innovation

Seamless workflow execution. From Edge to Cloud.

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Meet Ryax, the Smart Data platform

Industrialize your Data, from Edge to Cloud.
Ryax is a SaaS software solution helping businesses establish profitable data ecosystems. From digitalisation roadmaps’ first steps down to full-scale seamless data exploitation, Ryax links all components of data value-chains together in reduced time and resources, so that our customers can generate value. Fast.

The 3 Ryax pillars

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Ryax streamlines your data value-chain in days.
Ryax connects all your data sources

Sensors live streams, devices, Cloud platforms, CRMs...

Ryax creates & executes your advanced Data Science algorithms

Data cleansing, AI, deep learning, image recognition...

While managing dynamic storages

Databases, Data Lakes, local disks...

And enables clear data output visualisations

DataViz, dashboarding, mobile apps...

Ryax seamlessly integrates across your data chain in a few clicks, from sources to DataViz.
Your data science... augmented.
Ryax is meant for your teams.
The Ryax Store provides the
field-specific integration you need

From 4.0 industry’s predictive maintenance to AI-powered connected vehicle fleets, to Data Marketing-applications for brokering services…

Ryax rockets your data analytics towards new horizons

Dreaming about Deep Learning? Tens of pre-built native Data Science bricks are waiting for you in the Ryax Store.
Ryax also features a built-in multi-language SDK, built for Data Scientists.

Ryax is also made for non-IT people

Ryax features a powerful ‘codeless’ GUI enabling Data Teams to build automated workflows, and share their work smoothly across heterogeneous teams and hierarchical levels.
No coding skills required.

Ryax helps you handle and anticipate running costs

Ryax is designed so managers can track & predict their running costs.
Ryax' pay-per-use billing makes sure you will never pay more than you need to.

Ryax is secure from Edge to Cloud.
Built for complex hybrid infrastructures.
Ryax ensures traceability, security
& confidentiality

All data transfers, storages and treatments are natively secured, anonymised and traceable. GDPR ready.

Native management of
Edge-to-Cloud hybrid infrastructures

(On-Premise, Edge, Cloud, Multi-Cloud...)
Built-in functions for live stream data processing, distant & intermittent connectivity management, etc.

Built to smoothly integrate our customers’ existing IT ecosystems, Ryax seamlessly orchestrates your Data processes across any kind of hybrid infrastructure with full security and traceability.
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What is Smart Data?

Smart Data differs from Big Data in the sense that it focuses on treating data on-the-fly and get actionnable decisions from it, while it is still valuable.

Treat fast & early

Hot data (streaming)
Big Data (volume)

Treat at the right place

Pre-treat and analyze close to the source thanks to Edge computing technologies and infrastructures

Treat well
(Data Science)

Use state-of-the-art data science algorithms
(AI, machine learning...)

Take actions

Get decision & action value from data treatments

Smart Data means dealing with streaming data at the right time and place - before this data expires and becomes obsolete - so as to take valuable and automated actions out of it.

Ryax applied to your field


Ryax offers a data engineering platform that facilitates the creation and deployment of Industry 4.0 data analytics workflows, from industrial automation to predictive maintenance.


Ryax addresses mobility challenges through its data engineering platform by enabling a seamless development, deployment and monitoring of workflows in hybrid edge-cloud computational environments.


Ryax is a software that can address algricultural issues with a platform allowing data scientists to create, deploy and manage data analytics workflows simply, by abstracting the complex data engineering plumbing.

Ryax in action

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Ryax scope

Ryax can deploy across all kinds of complex hybrid infrastructures (on-premise, Edge, Cloud…) altogether. Ryax takes care of all required Data Engineering tasks for you: connecting data sources and apps, automating data workflows, monitoring IT processes, alerting when necessary, and managing all development & maintenance-related tasks. With minimum involvement of your Data Teams.

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