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Our publications

Opensource OCR for your app – [AI series]

Opensource OCR API for your app – [AI series] OCR API – extract text from images OCR can be used to extract texts from images, photos, and videos as well. Useful information can be found in such formats. Let’s see how simple it is to create an OCR microservice with RYAX, and extract text from …

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Opensource speech-to-text API for your app – [AI series]

Opensource speech-to-text API for your app – [AI series] Speech-to-text API Speech-to-text can be used to transcript for instance a customer call, or another example, generate the subtitles of a video. Let’s see how simple it is to create an API with RYAX, to transcript the video into a text file ! For that, we’ll …

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Serverless advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of serverless applications Here are the advantages of Serverless architectures. But any disadvantage thanks to RYAX innovations! Advantages of serverless applications: Cost savings: Serverless applications are typically billed on a pay-per-use basis, so users only pay for the resources they use. This can result in significant cost savings for businesses, especially for …

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Offloading to HPC from Kubernetes with RYAX

Offload your data analytics workload to HPC From Cloud/Kubernetes to HPC/Slurm, and back Seamlessly To facilitate the life of developers needing to leverage HPC platforms for their data analytics workflows we have enhanced RYAX with offloading capabilities from Cloud to HPC in a seamless way. How it works ? User provides the code of its …

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Modernize your legacy with API and low-code

Modernize iteratively your legacy software with a low-code platform Modernizing legacy software can be a daunting task, but it is necessary for businesses to stay competitive and relevant. Two key tools that can be used to modernize legacy software are APIs and low-code. Modernizing Legacy Software with APIs Modernizing legacy software with APIs involves exposing the …

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Top 5 backend frameworks

Top 5 backend frameworks What Is a Backend Framework? A backend framework is a software framework used to build and deploy server-side web applications. It provides a set of tools, libraries, and a standard way to create and manage the server-side aspect of a web application, including a web server, database, API, and common functionalities …

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Low-code become No-code with chatGPT and RYAX

Low-code becomes no-code with chatGPT and RYAX RYAX team integrated chatGPT to create functions directly into the backend, adding automatic description files, automatic tests and validation process. The promise of low-code enhanced by ChatGPT’s code generation Low-code and no-code platforms have become increasingly popular in recent years, (as RYAX is !!) as they allow to …

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API authentication

API authentication available in RYAX API authentication is an important aspect of ensuring the security of your application and its data. In the latest release of our API, we are introducing a new authentication function based on API keys. This new method provides a simpler, more secure way to authenticate users and protect your data. …

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Tutorial – Write C# actions in Ryax

Ryax now supports actions written in **C# (Csharp) with DotNet 6**. To create a C# action just create a Dotnet project and go inside with: dotnet new console -o App -n MyAction cd App Then add your dependencies, for example: dotnet add package Newtonsoft.Json Now edit the Program.cs file to add your code. Here is …

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RYAX 22.12.0 (aka v2) is out !

RYAX 22.12.0 (aka v2) is out ! We listened to our clients, and we worked hard to make RYAX better and better, adding new major features. Always with the same focus, making backends easy to develop, deploy and scale! Open source. Works on any cloud. New features as – Trigger workflow with HTTP API endpoint …

RYAX 22.12.0 (aka v2) is out ! Read More »

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