The Ryax team

We founded Ryax Technologies after 10 years of experience in production-level software for distributed systems. Our core values are respect, innovation and fun. Headquartered in Lyon, France, Ryax Technologies is an early-stage startup driven by the vision to provide software and web services that leverage hybrid distributed infrastructures for Big Data applications.


  • andry razafinjatovo300px


    “Data engineering is key to get value from your data science projects, We cannot wait until the end of the development phase to be sure of their ROI. We aim to allow our customers to reduce their time to market dealing with up to 100% of data engineering tasks from the execution to the maintenance of their data workflows.”

  • yiannis georgiou300px

    Yiannis GEORGIOU – CTO

    “Modern data and compute-intensive applications involving IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence use cases drive data in such high volume, velocity, and variety that decisions and actions must be made quickly, or their value will evaporate. The Edge computing and hybrid Edge-Cloud paradigms will handle it but Data Engineering complexity will grow with it. We must help Data Scientists to be able to exploit these new infrastructures.”


  • badr-chentouf


    Go-to-market Lead

  • julien vacher300px

    Julien VACHER

    Chief Communication & Marketing Officer

  • pedro velho300px

    Pedro VELHO

    PhD, Lead Software Engineer

  • michael mercier300px

    Michael MERCIER

    PhD, Lead Software Engineer

  • theo_larue

    Théo LARUE

    Software Engineer

  • charles_marshall

    Charles MARSHALL

    Data Scientist

  • Image in 2 slide of 2021-10-13 Demo

    Sofien Troudi

    Front-end developer

  • 1610721846442

    Anderson Andrei Da Silva

    PhD Candidate

Ryax origins

The efficient orchestration of compute workloads executed upon hybrid and complex infrastructures requires the latest innovations from different areas of computer science including distributed computing, large-scale system design, batch and stream processing, security and privacy, software defined networking and machine learning. Ryax Technologies embraces this scientific knowledge, backed by a team with more than a decade of R&D experience upon High Performance Computing environments. The team is composed of software engineers and researchers with 10+ years of experience in production level state-of-the-art resource management software.

Ryax meaning

The name Ryax originates from the ancient Greek word ῥύαξ meaning stream.

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