The Future of Serverless API

Discover hybrid serverless API approach, and deploy your APIs in record time.

API requests Authentication
Serverless API Gateway with reduced time for cold starts
Monitoring of the API requests
OpenAPI support


OpenAPI support : OpenAPI integrated into Ryax, exposing your workflows as API

APIs are the core of any modern app, but how to create your specific APIs easily, integrating your business logic ?

That's what we're doing with the latest features added in RYAX !

With full support of #OpenAPI , developers can build APIs through the #lowcode UI, using available integrations and custom code to express their business logic, while facilitating the integration of data pipelines.

Then Ryax handles deployment on #kubernetes, #cloudagnostic

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API authentication : new authentication function based on API key

API authentication is an important aspect of ensuring the security of your application and its data. In the latest release of our API, we are introducing a new authentication function based on API keys. This new method provides a simpler, more secure way to authenticate users and protect your data.

To use the new authentication function, admins will need to generate an API key for each API consumer. They can then include this key in the header of their requests to the API, and the server will use it to authenticate the user and authorize their access to the data.

Overall, the new authentication function in our latest API release provides a simpler and more secure way to authenticate users and protect your data. If you are currently using our API, we encourage you to update to the latest version and take advantage of these new features.

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