Ryax Tech is the accelerator of your Data Analytics and Data Science projects.

  • data-prep

    Automated data preparation & integration

    Stop spending 80% of your time on data preparation: our community of experts build self-running ingestion pipelines so you can focus on business.

  • data-science-atom2

    Data Science & Data Analytics for business

    From business workflows to state-of-the-art AI-powered pipelines, we have the right Data Scientists to develop the algorithms that will transform your business.

  • run

    Seamless IT integration

    Our data community leverages pre-built connectors in the Ryax platform to interlink data pipelines with your own IT ecosystem in record time.

  • integrate

    Automated run

    Our Data Scientists harness the full potential of the Ryax platform to quickly deploy, run and scale your data pipelines on your live environment.

Our community of experts leverages Ryax's DataOps platform to build better analytics, faster.


A typical Data Analytics journey requires hiring far-fetched skills, mastering the development process and maintaining dozens of IT tools over time.

Ryax requires a single project brief.

How we conduct your Data Analytics projects

What our projects look like

  • Managed by a customer-dedicated project manager

  • Structured with DataOps’ best practices

  • Agile methodology


Why taking advantage of our community?

  • data-fast

    Your analytics in days, not months

    We provide full-staff impact from day 1 to deliver your data science faster.

  • staff-timer

    Wait for business impact before staffing up

    Make sure your new analytics generate outstanding value before moving on with staffing.

  • sinking-ship

    No pre-ROI sunken costs

    Avoid early team constitution to limit training and staff-maintenance fixed costs during the first stages of your analytics journey.

About the Ryax community

Who are they?

  • data-scientist

    Data Scientists

    Our Data Scientists are domain-specific developers providing advanced algorithms and data science pipelines. From image-recognition workflows to ML-powered recommandation engines, they build the models you need.

  • data-analyst

    Data Analysts

    Our Data Analysts are skilled professionals belonging to your industry. They provide valuable business insights based on your situation and the raw data you have at your disposal.

  • data-engineer

    Data Engineers

    Our Data Engineers audit your technical data ecosystems and provide low-level designs of data pipelines' architecture for reliable collection, processing and storage.

What are their skills?


Ryax tackles new use-cases every day.

Tell us about your projects.