Finance Automation

Data are key in Financial Services, maybe more than in any other domain. And in Finance, getting fresh data change the game. But how to handle that when there's hundreds or thousands of companies and data to monitor, collect and analyse ?


That's where RYAX comes in, to collect, extract, analyse, and serve the data, in an automatic way, without human intervention.


Data might be in a structured or unstructured document, our process extracts relevant information and gather in the dedicated database. Data is often available in PDF files, that may be native - then it's easier - or just scanned and need an OCR process to read tables and figures, and a detection algorithm to select the right information to extract and where to map it.


RYAX offers a solution to collect, extract data from unstructured/structured documents, and serve a frontend service thanks to its full API capabilities.

RYAX applied to Finance

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Connect data sources

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    With RYAX

    Data sources connection.
    Integrated & automated data extraction.

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Extract unstructured data from sources

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    With RYAX

    Data extracted automatically thanks to OCR AI model.


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"Backend as a Service" to serve data through a full API service

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    With RYAX

    Developers in Financial Services can leverage low-code RYAX interface to develop their own API and data pipelines.
    And to connect any frontend service, in any technology

Screenshot Finance Workflow API ith RYAX

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RYAX tackles new use cases every day.

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