Ryax applied to mobility

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Connected vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are the future, but connected vehicles are already in production. Specially equipped vehicles such as buses, cars, drones and ships make use of sensors and particular on-board instruments to efficiently map their surroundings, perform measurements and collect all different types of data (from temperature, videos and photos up to air quality, climate, lidar and hyperspectral images). These data have to be analysed performing tasks such as correlations, transformations and aggregations in order to gain valuable insights. For this, particular workflow automations are needed to express the logic that will turn data into insights. However, the computational environment of connected vehicles is composed by limited compute power capabilities, heterogeneous hardware and intermittent connectivity that complexifies the lifecycle management of workflows. Ryax addresses those challenges through its data engineering platform by enabling a seamless development, deployment and monitoring of workflows upon the hybrid edge-cloud computational environment of connected vehicles.

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