Ryax is a data engineering platform enabling data teams to deploy, run, and scale their models on production infrastructures.

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    Drop data science models to production

    Copy / paste your Python code or load your existing containers, and Ryax will do the rest. Ryax features an integrated code-drop interface powerful enough to package and deploy your code in production within minutes.

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    Build data pipelines and processing workflows

    Ryax's drag & drop interface makes it easy to construct and deploy advanced data science workflows. Need machine learning algorithms to generate daily value while constantly re-training? It's as simple as assembling blocks together.

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    Master and control data science in production

    Ryax offers full mastering of your workflows' deployments & executions. Instantly load, pause, stop, modify, version a workflow at any time on any given cluster. Workflows' states are always observable and actionnable.

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    Monitor all your infrastructure clusters

    Ryax natively provides global monitoring features to efficiently observe resources status & consumption at any infrastructure level. Always keep an eye on CPU usage, memory, disk, I/O...etc

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    Benefit from full observability of workflows and executions

    Ryax was built with a full-observability mindset, comprising detailed histories for workflow deployments, execution logs, and more. Native timeline views give you opportunities to tweak and optimize treatment chains even further.


Ryax fosters team collaboration and developments reusability

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    Modularize and reuse developments

    Ryax features a growing set of pre-built data processors out of the box. But data teams can create their own modules from scratch, then version and deploy them. Ever need to change a step in your workflow? Just swap the right box in.

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    Streamline and optimize your treatment chains

    Ryax native observability features provide a canvas of optimisation opportunities for whole analytics workflows as well as data processing blocks & models. Make use of overviews and timelines to continuously smooth, tweak and improve your data science.

  • collaborate

    Collaborate as a team and share any model or workflows

    Ryax includes a full set of user management and collaboration features. Admins can supervise the development of data science models & workflows, and then roll out relevant components to dedicated teams and users.


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