Meet the Ryax innovation

Seamless workflow execution. From Edge to Cloud.

Ryax streamlines your data value-chain in days

Ryax seamlessly integrates across your data chain in a few clicks, from sources to DataViz.

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Ryax connects all your data sources
From sensors...

The Ryax Store features a growing set of data-collecting protocols. devices

Ryax is made to connect with most IoT protocols. cloud platforms

Ryax seamlessly integrates any existing cloud platform. in-house business apps

The Ryax Store features dozens of business integrations. We can add your own within days.

Ryax creates & executes your Data Science algorithms
...from live stream processing data cleansing image and voice recognition AI.
Ryax manages dynamic storages
Any database

Ryax will seamlessly create, collect, push, organise and catalog data from any given database.

Any data lake

Ryax is built to work with full sets of databases structured as data lakes.

Ryax enables clear data output visualisations
Many DataViz native integrations
Business apps integrations
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Your data science… augmented.
Ryax is meant for your teams.

Ryax is a SaaS product built around a highly-intuitive graphical interface, equipped with an ‘app store’ featuring dozens of integrations. Evolutivity guaranteed.

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The Ryax Store provides the
field-specific integration you need
Industry-specific frameworks

Ryax integrates them all: from 4.0 industry’s predictive maintenance to AI-powered connected vehicle fleets, to Data Marketing-applications for brokering services…

Company-specific integrations

Ryax integrates all existing business applications and frameworks, whatever your current IT ecosystem, from widespread services to in-house company apps.

Data Science frameworks

Ryax is meant to run powerful AI algorithms and models, and offers many Data Science integrations accordingly. From TensorFlow machine learning to YOLO image recognition.

Ryax rockets your data treatments towards new horizons
Teams can use the languages and frameworks they master...

Ryax features a built-in multi-language SDK, built for Data Teams to simply drop their code.

... and enrich their data science with new frameworks

Dreaming about Deep Learning? Tens of pre-built native Data Science bricks are waiting for you in the Ryax Store. You can test and deploy advanced models in a few clicks.

Ryax is also made for non-IT people
Code or no code... you decide.

With Ryax, no coding skills are required. Ryax features a powerful GUI enabling Data Teams to build automated workflows with or without code, just dragging & dropping from the Ryax store.

Simply share your work

Ryax' workflow block-view enables teams to edit workflows at a glance, and share their work smoothly across heterogeneous teams and hierarchical levels.

Ryax helps you handle and anticipate running costs
On-premise, or SaaS pay-per-use billing

Ryax adopts a flexible billing scheme, whether you want to pay as you go or need a fixed on-premise billing process.

Real-time monitoring

Ryax is designed so managers can track & predict their running costs, live.
Ryax features built-in functions to monitor infrastructure load on any cluster.

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Ryax is secure
and built for complex hybrid infrastructures

Built to smoothly integrate our customers’ existing IT ecosystems, Ryax seamlessly orchestrates your Data processes across any kind of hybrid infrastructure with full security and traceability.

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Ryax ensures traceability, security
& confidentiality
All data transfers, storages and treatments are natively secured, anonymised and traceable

Ryax uses state-of-the-art encryption and authentication processes (256-bit elliptic Curve25519/Ed25519 and Salsa20) to provide full security and traceability of all data.

Ready to help you deploy your governance strategies in compliance with internal policies et local regulations

Ryax is ready for GDPR.

Native management of
hybrid infrastructures

Ryax is built to natively execute complex workflows over and across hybrid infrastructures.
From your premises, to edge, to cloud.


Ryax can run completely offline, on private servers...etc.


Ryax was designed to execute treatments down to Edge devices with minimum resource requirements (Raspberry Pi).


Ryax can be run on your business' cloud or hosted by us. You choose.

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How Ryax will enhance your Data Science projects

Simply create your workflows

Ryax’s advanced workflow editor enables Data Scientists to run their algorithms in minutes. No need for specific extra code, Ryax comes equipped with a wide variety of pre-built functions. Running complex data treatments, connecting data sources together… Never been easier.

Display & edit your workflows in block mode

Ryax provides a built-in visual workflow editor, helping Data Teams to get overviews of their data treatment chains and enabling easy cross-team communication.

Follow your executions

Monitor your functions and workflows’ executions in real time thanks to Ryax’s viewer. Jump to any workflow at any time with a single click.

Keep an eye on your costs & your infrastructure

Ryax provides a built-in infrastructure monitoring system. You can access all clusters’ details in real time and monitor your consumption at a glance.

Shop for additional functions & frameworks

Ryax’s integrated function store provides Data Teams all the necessary complements to build their workflow efficiently. Lack a function in your toolbox? Ryax’s shop provides you the missing block. 100% compatible and integrated to other frameworks. And it gets richer over time.