Meet the Ryax innovation

Seamless workflow execution. From Edge to Cloud.

How Ryax will enhance your Data Science projects

Simply write your workflows

Ryax’s advanced workflow editor enables Data Scientists to run their algorithms in minutes. No need for specific extra code, Ryax comes equipped with a wide variety of pre-built functions. Running complex data treatments, connecting data sources together… Never been easier.

Display & edit your workflows in block mode

Ryax provides a built-in visual workflow editor, helping Data Teams to get overviews of their data treatment chains and enabling easy cross-team communication.

Follow your executions

Monitor your functions and workflows’ executions in real time thanks to Ryax’s viewer. Jump to any workflow at any time with a single click.

Keep an eye on your costs & your infrastructure

Ryax provides a built-in infrastructure monitoring system. You can access all clusters’ details in real time and monitor your consumption at a glance.

Shop for additional functions & frameworks

Ryax’s integrated function store provides Data Teams all the necessary complements to build their workflow efficiently. Lack a function in your toolbox? Ryax’s shop provides you the missing block. 100% compatible and integrated to other frameworks. And it gets richer over time.

The Ryax platform

Seamless data workflow execution on any infrastructure, for any treatment.