Ryax combines a multi-domain Data community with an automation platform to help you deliver business-driven data analytics, super fast.


Ryax is the market’s simplest online tool giving business users the freedom to build & run advanced data analytics projects in just a few clicks

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    Drop data analytics into the Ryax platform

    Browse our marketplace for relevant analytics and simply push them into the Ryax platform. Connect your data source, and your ready to run!

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    Manipulate your own data analytics pipelines

    Ryax's drag & drop interface makes it easy to construct and deploy advanced data science workflows. Need machine learning algorithms to generate daily value while constantly re-training? It's as simple as assembling blocks together.

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    Master and control your live data analytics

    Ryax offers full mastering of your workflows' deployments & executions. Instantly load, pause, stop, modify, version a workflow at any time. Workflows' states are always observable and actionnable, so you can always keep an eye on your data.


Ryax fosters team collaboration and analytics reusability

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    Modularize and reuse your analytics

    Ryax features a growing set of pre-built data workflows out of the box. But you always can create your own analytics from scratch, then version and deploy them. Ever need to change a step in your workflow? Just swap the right box in.

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    Collaborate as a team and share models & workflows

    Ryax includes a full set of user management and collaboration features. Admins can supervise the development of data science models & workflows, and then roll out relevant components to dedicated teams and users.

Ryax tackles new use-cases every day.

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