The Future of Serverless

Discover hybrid serverless approach, since we are bridging the serverless and microservices worlds to be able to run all kinds of backend processes.

From the super light functions commonly preferred in serverless computing, to the heavier models needed for Machine Learning.


Serverless computing lets you worry less about the underlying infrastructure your code is running on and concentrate more on the code itself. 

One benefit of serverless computing is that you don't write huge applications, instead you write small functions that do one specific task, and assemble them. 

Then within that short function, you write the code that deals with the task, related to your specific business needs.

And no worries about deployment, workfload, everything is managed by RYAX platform

On Premise Hybrid Serverless for CPU & GPU

Advantages of serverless architectures : cost savings, automatic scaling, flexibility, shorter deployment time, ...

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Deep dive into RYAX serverless technology : low-code approach, hybrid serverless for broader applications, remaining cloud agnostic

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