No Shadow chatGPT - Build your centralized & monitored chatGPT service

Needless to say, chatGPT and generative AI are revolutionizing the world with new uses, increasing productivity in so many ways!

This usage is largely adopted even in enterprise, each person using its own access to chatGPT, with the risks we've seen in the last days, like Samsung leaked document 

A recent study says that 70% of French employees are using chatGPT without telling their manager.

That's a major risk issue : all these employees can share any information with chatGPT, without any control

And forget any blocking based solution, for instance not allowing chatGPT url. There's still personal computers and smartphones, and there's also various urls working as proxy to chatGPT, that are worst !

That's where you can use Ryax and build your own, centralized, secured and monitored chatGPT service.

Please note that you can also use another Large Language Model (LLM), hosted locally, but we'll see that in another article. 

Using chatGPT and Ryax, creating this application just needs a few workflows.

For example, the first workflow will ask for the prompt, optionally apply any verifications you want, ask chatGPT with the prompt, get the answer, save question and answer in a database and return the answer through the API

The second workflow could return all questions and answers used in the last days

A last one could be a way to note and retrieve the best answers

All these workflows would ba accessible through a secured API served by Ryax.

Secure your chatGPT usage and build an application embedding chatGPT applying your security restrictions