Edge computing and Smart cities

Technology gives us the opportunity to live better in an urban environment, and data is at the heart of the city of tomorrow. At the public and private level, initiatives are multiplying to encourage smart cities.  In Europe, cities such as Stockholm and Amsterdam are pioneers, while Paris is clearly lagging behind according to a …

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What is provisioning?

Provisioning is a process that automatically allocates computer or telecommunications resources to respond to a change in user activity. It is also the process by which an infrastructure is set up.   Discover Ryax platform What us provisioning exactly? Provisioning is more and more common in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Technical environments are now …

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What is Industry 4.0?

That’s all people are talking about: Industry 4.0 is the future of the factory. This catch-all concept is so used that it is sometimes difficult to fully understand it. You don’t want to admit your ignorance during your coffee break? Wondering if this 4.0 industry can really benefit your business or is it another digital …

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