Ryax is powered by next-generation technologies

for fast deployment of advanced data treatments

across hybrid distributed IT infrastructures

  • serverless

    Serverless orchestration

    Ryax is built around serverless technologies, enabling fast and reliable deployment of any script, code or container into production. The complexity of advanced features such as automatic scaling, capacity planning and maintenance can be completely abstracted from the user.

  • stream-computing

    Native stream processing

    Ryax features built-in stream computing abilities for live data treatments, including standard stream operators, event-driven triggering, etc. Reactive programming enables simplified and real-time computation upon high-load data streams.

  • multi-language2

    Multilanguage IDE

    Ryax is equipped with a powerful code editor data teams can use to build new processors in various languages or formats. From Python code to container deployments, data science models can be dropped in a glimpse of an eye. 

  • distributed-infrastructure

    Built for Edge-to-Cloud hybrid infrastructures

    Powered with the latest software architecture paradigms, Ryax natively executes complex workflows over and across distributed infrastructures: from your premises, to Edge, to Cloud.

  • secure

    Secure, traceable, confidential

    Ryax is ready to help you deploy your data governance strategies in accordance with internal policies and local regulations (e.g. GDPR). Our platform uses state-of-the-art encryption and authentication methods to provide full security and traceability of your data.


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