Triggers will jump start your backend workflows

Another sneak peek at our platform: triggers 🎬

🧨 Triggers are the heart of automations, they allow for controllable, precise, reliable actuations of a processing chain. They will actively listen for external events or user inputs such as API calls, movements on a server, messages, database updates (etc) and start the workflow when specified.

In our platform, building your workflow will mean choosing a trigger to start with: and you’ll do it with the panel you see below. Lots of options to choose from 🙂

The good thing is you’ll also be able to create your own triggers in the platform, but more on that later 🕐


Take a look at our ever-growing set of pre-built triggers in Ryax:

  • yiannis georgiou300px

    Yiannis Georgiou

    CTO at Ryax Technologies