Actions in Ryax are what gets the job done

We've already talked about triggers, listening to external events to start an automation chain.

Let's keep moving on and take a look at actions now! 🎬

In RYAX, actions are the heart of workflow automations: they perform automated operations like sending messages, storing data, executing an ML algorithm, training a model, branching in a Git, perfoming a search, etc.

Actions can ingest data from any given point of a workflow, process it and pass it downstream for another action to take over. Chaining actions up together is what truly creates end-to-end backend automations 🔗

📛 If some step of an action should fail, RYAX will alert and try to resume processing, logs will also be available if this specific action is generating some. This enables resilient and observable backend computations.

Users will find an evergrowing set of pre-built actions to use in their workflows, while still have the option to build their own actions with custom code!
⏩ They can bring their own code, specify its dependencies, and RYAX will take care of building the custom action and running it in production in a serverless environment.

Of course, any action's inputs or outputs can be exposed in a workflow's API endpoint... but that's a topic for later 🙃


Take a look at our ever-growing set of pre-built actions in Ryax:

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    Yiannis Georgiou

    CTO at Ryax Technologies