Backend workflow runs in Ryax

It's time to jump right into the subject and talk about backend workflow runs! ⚙️

In Ryax, you DEPLOY a backend workflow prior to running it ✅
Once deployed, your workflow enters a ready state where it can be triggered, receive inputs and propagate 🚦

Backend workflow actuations are called RUNS in Ryax: every time a workflow is triggered, it generates a run ⏩

🔎 Because good executions of your runs is essential to the quality and performance of your workflows, we equipped Ryax with a set of tools to monitor them closely (see below screenshot too):


➡ Every single run is logged and can be observed later on in the 'run' view 📚
➡ Each stage of your workflow is listed and timestamped so you can study them step by step for debug or optimization 🔧
➡ For any workflow step a wide range of tools allow you to deep dive into how the processing went: view functions logs, see inputs and outputs of any given step, download input and output data, etc 🤿

We believe good observability of backend processes is critical for our developers. In our low-code approach we of course aim at providing these capabilities straight inside Ryax 📲

👂 Keep in touch for some of API talk next time 🙃

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    Yiannis Georgiou

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