Top 5 backend frameworks

Top 5 backend frameworks What Is a Backend Framework? A backend framework is a software framework used to build and deploy server-side web applications. It provides a set of tools, libraries, and a standard way to create and manage the server-side aspect of a web application, including a web server, database, API, and common functionalities …

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API authentication

API authentication available in RYAX API authentication is an important aspect of ensuring the security of your application and its data. In the latest release of our API, we are introducing a new authentication function based on API keys. This new method provides a simpler, more secure way to authenticate users and protect your data. …

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Laboratory automation

Laboratory automation Like many other sectors, the medical field is undergoing a revolution. Technological advances in data processing and automation in recent years are helping to see a new face for healthcare. Started in the 1980s, laboratory automation is one of the most visible elements of this shift and the benefits are present, for businesses …

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