Ryax gives business users the freedom to use advanced data analytics, independently of all other teams.

Generate data-powered business insights with a very simple online tool.

Use the most advanced data techniques, to test data, try out new ideas, fail fast, and start over.

Build a data science project completely independently of IT, tech & data teams

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Ryax is employees’ simplest online tool for advanced data analytics.

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    Pick-up your analytics...

    Browse our marketplace for tens of ready-to-use analytics developed by our community of Data Scientists. You're sure to find the right workflow for your line of business.

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    ...and test them instantly.

    Test your analytics, online and in a few clicks, running them on test data (provided) or on your actual business data. No technical skills required. Your business insights are right in your hands in minutes.

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    Shrink your typical time-to-results

    Get the best ready-to-use analytics to generate business insights in record time. They're developed by our trusted data community so you can be sure of their quality, and we provide you with the perfect platform to get them live fast.

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    Don't bother with data operation hassles

    You can run up to 100 data flows at once on a standard platform that you will never have to maintain... We're handling all backend operations for you so you can focus on your data's business value.

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    Increase your data analyses tenfold

    Have you thought about powering up your analyses with AI? Ryax allows you to easily manipulate, enhance and interconnect advanced ML-powered data pipelines on your own... so you can generate more valuable outputs everyday.

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