Serverless architecture to fight against climate change

Serverless architecture to fight against #climatechange?

We know that reducing the energy consumption ⚡️ of web infrastructures is important, for the #climate of course 🌍, because datacenters emit a lot of CO2, but also to reduce costs.

With equal service, ie without stopping the servers and Internet services, how can we do it?

📍This is where #serverless technology comes in!

At Ryax, we've been working on Serverless since 2019, for example through the PHYSICS H2020 R&D project ✨ "Optimized Hybrid Space-Time Continuum in #FaaS" , with several European partners such as Red HatGFT GroupAtos... leveraging open-source software such as #Kubernetes#Submariner#OpenClusterManagement#NodeRed

All this to say that we know Serverless quite well, and that Serverless is at the heart of our #opensource solution Ryax to make scalable backends

👉 Scalable with on-demand deployment of pods

👉 Green with the automatic shutdown of the pods when they are no longer used, with a parameter for the inactivity period

👉 Monitoring of resources used by Ryax 👀 (with energy consumption and CO2 estimation per execution) 

That is to say that you can take your code (only Python for the moment), and pass it in Serverless with Ryax directly. In the future, we'll support Go, Java, PhP... as well.

This directly reduces your costs, and your energy consumption 🌙

❌ Without having to redo everything with new tools or languages

In short, do more with less!! 🚀🚀